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What is New in RaceMate 10.0

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RaceMate is upgraded to version 10 in Sep 2009.



Unicode Handling Enhancement

Unicode support has been added into RaceMate since version 9.5. You have been able to copy Chinese characters from RaceMate to other Unicode applications like Excel and Word. However once your Chinese characters are captured as Unicode in RaceMate, you can only paste them into other Unicode applications. If you paste them into RaceMate itself, they will become garbage. In this new version, we have enhanced the copy and paste feature. Now Chinese text copied in RaceMate can be pasted into any applications including RaceMate itself without any problem.



New Debugging and Testing Form for MCL Functions and Expressions

Similar to an Excel spreadsheet, a RaceMate "view" can do column calculations, statistics, and lookup. However even though you can do almost everything with MCL functions, once there is a bug in an expression, you will see a .Null. value and will not get much information about the problem. We have added an expression debugging tool into version 10. To learn more about this tool, please see the page MCL Debugging.



Importing Data from Excel Spreadsheets into Views

In prior versions, you can only input your comments and ratings directly into RaceMate. However you may not do it in other computers without RaceMate installed. In version 10 or later, user ratings and comments can be input into Excel sheets in a computer without RaceMate. You can then import the data of these files into your RaceMate.


If the file to be imported contains a primary key (in the required format), you can do better do data import. However primary key is not necessary for importing. Please see Importing View Data From Excel Files to learn more about the new feature.



Exporting View Data to Excel Sheets

In prior versions, we can only export view data race by race via the Exporting or Copying Grids Cells technique. Now, in version 10 or later, you can export view data of multiple races to Excel sheets in one time. Data will be calculated whenever necessary before exporting. See page Exporting View Data to learn more about the view data export feature.

Now you can:

Export a continuous number of races in one time
Add a special primary key to the exported files. It makes future data import in RaceMate more accurate.


See the page Format of Exported Excel Files to learn more about the format of the exported file.




Transferring View Data Between Two RaceMates

In prior version, generally speaking, the only way to transfer data from one RaceMate to another is using the backup and restore functions of RaceMate. However this is an all-or-none approach. You will overwrite any changes (including view structure and data) in the target RaceMate. The new export and import features of RaceMate enable data merging. You can now transfer only the parts that have been changed to another RaceMate.



Copy All Grid Cells into Windows Clipboard

Now you can copy all grid cells into the Windows clipboard. See Exporting Contents of Grids in Forms for more information.



New Input Columns for Overseas Races

New input columns are added into the overseas record page of the Horse form. Now you can input your comments into these column for future reference.



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