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Exporting or Copying Grids Cells

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Exporting Data to Excel Files

In RaceMate all data grids are exportable to Excel. You may right click on the left top corner of a grid on any data form and choose [Export Table] to export the content of the grid to an Excel file or a text file.


Copying All Cells to Clipboard

You may choose [Copy Cells] of the above menu to copy the whole table into the Windows clipboard. The data copied can be pasted into other applications.


Advance Data Export

You may create a view containing all the data you want to export. Click on the left-top corner of the grid to export all the data in the view. Besides built-in columns you may create complicated columns using MCL functions for the export. Both "Comprehensive Statistics and Record Query" (as well as the History/Stat page of Horse, Jockey, Stable forms) or "Starter" views for such export action. Generally speaking the former one may be simpler for most cases.



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