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Importing View Data From Excel Files

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Importing View Data From Excel Files (or Tab-Delimited Files)

Click on the [Import Data] button to import data from from an Excel file into a view. If this file is a true Excel file, your computer must have Microsoft Excel installed. If this is a RaceMate exported file, Microsoft Excel is not required.



Which Column will be Imported?

RaceMate will import only the following columns that meet the following criteria.

1.The name of the Excel column exactly match the name of the view column
2.The column is a user input column



Importing Files with a Primary Key

Although primary key is not necessary for importing, it has the following advantage.

The sheet to be imported can contain data of many races.
You can import data into races no matter they are currently displaying or not.

The heading of the primary key must be "Season-Race,HorseNo". The content of it should be as follows

<2-digit season><hyphen><season race index><horse no.>

Here is an example:




Importing Files without a Primary Key

You can only import the data in the file into the view displaying on the active form.
The import result will be affected by the row order of the current view.




Data Merging

RaceMate will import data in the Excel file and will not erase other data. That means you can tailor the lines in your Excel file to achieve data merging. That means you can update only a copy of continuous or non-continuous line of your view and leave other lines unchanged.



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