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MCL Debugging

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Structure of MCL Formula Checker

Clicking on the [Test MCL] button on the left bottom of the view page will show the 'MCL Checker' form. Before opening the form, you must click on a cell of the column the formula of which is going to be tested.

The MCL Checker is consisted of the following 2 parts.

1.Upper half - Current Expression

The upper half of the form shows the current MCL expression. It also shows the expression result, data type, number of characters and error message, if any, etc.

2.Lower half - Expression to Test

The lower half of the form is for testing a revised (or another) MCL expression. While the form shows, it copies the current expression into the "Expression to Test" box. You may delete some characters from the expression to make the expression simpler and then click on the [Calculate] button to check its result and data type.




What Make the MCL Checker a Good Testing Tool?

You will find the following strong points of the tool.

1.It is a very efficient tool because it calculates only a cell rather than the whole view.
2.It will tell you the data type of the expression to be checked.
3.It will suggest you the number of characters or digits (However you can't 100% rely on the suggestion. Sometimes you need to change the suggested values.)


How to Test a Formula?

You should choose a simple part of a complicated formula to test and confirm there is no bug in it. After this simple part is okay, you can then add more elements and test again. Repeat this add-and-test process until the complete formula is built.




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