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Format of Exported Excel Files

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Most of the Excel files exported from RaceMate are actually tab-delimited plain text files with a file extension "xls". You may open the files in Excel by directly double-clicking on the files. If you are using Microsoft Excel 2007, you will see a message similar to the following. Such message will not appear in earlier versions of Excel.



Once you click on [Yes] the file will be opened.


If you open the file via the Excel menu, you will see a form similar to the following.


You may simply click on [Finish] to open the file. Generally speaking Excel will convert data into correct data types automatically. However sometimes Excel may do wrong conversions. For example, Excel always convert "margin" characters to dates. If you foresee any wrong data type conversions, you may click [Next] two times to proceed to the following data format setting form. The following example form shows how to tell Excel that this is a text data rather than dates.




Saving Exported Files

When you try to save a RaceMate exported file, you may see a message similar to the following. You may keep the files original text format or convert it to a true Excel file. Once you have converted it to a true Excel file, this file will not be able to be imported into a RaceMate on a computer without Microsoft Excel installed. Please also note that Excel 2007 files are in a special format which can't be read by earlier versions of Excel.



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