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What is New in RaceMate 9.5

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Transferring Multimedia Files from Websites into Local Drive

Many users like downloading video files and position pictures from websites into local hard disk to get fast playing and viewing. You can then keep your files even if they are removed from the web. If you are doing similar things, you no longer need to manually create links to the files that you saved.

You can open the "Options and System Information" form from the [Tools] menu. At the right top of the form you will see an area for entering a template for each file type as follows. Once you have followed the rules on the page Saving Web Video/Photo into Disk and correctly enter corresponding templates into the boxes in the figure below (you can leave some of them blank), RaceMate's default links or buttons will point to these local files rather than the one on websites.





Click On

File Opened


Race Replay link or button of race 7 on 29/4/2007 (season 06-07)






See the page Saving Web Video/Photo into Disk to learn how to create a template.

How can I save a web video as a local file?

There are many tools which help you do the job. For example the latest version of RealPlayer and FlashGet. Both of them are free of charge. Please read their manuals for detailed operations.



Changes in User Interface

Stakes of a Horse

On the Horse form, you will find a new text box displaying the stake money of the horse.

Filter On/Off on History/Stat Page

On the Comprehensive Statistics and Record Query form and the History/Stat page of the Horse, Jockey, and Stable forms, a new [Filter] check box has been added. You may use it to turn on or off filters.



Copy and Paste Chinese From RaceMate into Unicode Software (e.g., Word & Excel)

If you have ever copied and paste Chinese characters from RaceMate into the latest versions of Word or Excel, you would have found that the Chinese characters pasted became interesting symbols. It is because RaceMate stores and displays Chinese as double-byte characters (DBCS) while many other applications store Chinese as Unicode. Since RaceMate 9.5, you can use the following new menu options to copy and paste Chinese.




Copy As Unicode

Copy selected characters into the clipboard as Unicode, so that you can paste the text into other Unicode applications.

Convert Captured Text to Unicode

If you have copied text as DBCS (rather than Unicode) characters via the Ctrl+C keys, you may change the DBCS text in clipboard into Unicode via this menu option, so that the text can then be pasted into other Unicode applications.



New MCL Functions

The following new MCL functions were added. Please open their help pages for details.

HrSectMargins( ), JrSectMargins( ), SrSectMargins( )
HrSectMargLens( ), JrSectMargLens( ), SrSectMargLens( )
HrSectMargLensX( ), JrSectMargLensX( ), SrSectMargLensX( )
HrSectPositions( ), JrSectPositions( ), SrSectPositions( )
HrSectTime( ), JrSectTime( ), SrSectTime( )
HrCurRating( ), JrCurRating( ), SrCurRating( )
HrJockeyEngAbbr( ), JrJockeyEngAbbr( ), SrJockeyEngAbbr( )
HrNetLoadDiff( ), JrNetLoadDiff( ), SrNetLoadDiff( )



MCL Functions Updated

1) HrTwCount( ), JrTwCount( ), and SrTwCount( )

New symbols for the cTemplate argument of HrTwCount( ), JrTwCount( ) And SrTwCount( ):






No activity (including spelling)


No activity (excluding spelling)

2) 'DayX-DayY' (Syntax 2) of HrTwCount( ), JrTwCount( ) And SrTwCount( )

In old versions, the numbers are from large to small (e.g., 40-10, where 40 means 40 days ago). RaceMate 9.5 changes the sequence to small to large (e.g., 10-40) making it consistent with that in the functions HrActivity( ), JrActivity( ) and SrActivity( ).

3) HrActivity( ), JrActivity( ) and  SrActivity( )

In old versions and Chinese mode, in the results of HrActivity( ), JrActivity( ) and SrActivity( ), jockey names were shown as the first Chinese characters of jockeys, resulted in many duplications. In order to solve the problem, in version 9.5, it will be shown in Jockey Club's jockey ID (returned by the new function HrJockeyEngAbbr( ))



Jockey Abbreviations in Jockey List of Jockey Form

An Abbreviation (Abbrev) column has been added into the jockey list of the jockey form. In the Hong Kong edition, the abbreviations are basically the Jockey IDs in various documents of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.



New Built-In Columns

In Race, Horse, Jockey, Stable and Comprehensive Statistics forms, the following new items were added for selecting.

Horse Section Time
Horse Section Margins
Horse Section Margin Lengths
Positions (with FP)
Loading Different (After Adj)
International Rating
Latest Horse Rating
Prior FPs of Top 4 Horses                (Only in Starter Views)



New Structures of Views

The structures of the "Declaration" and "Position" views of the Race form and the "Basic Columns" view of the "History/Stat" page of the Horse, Jockey, Stable and Comprehensive Statistics forms have been revised. New columns for the new sectional data from the Jockey Club were added. (In order to see the change, existing users must reset their corresponding views. However, resetting a view will remove all your changes to the view. If you want to keep your change, please don't do it.)



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