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Saving Web Video/Photo into Disk

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Transferring Multimedia Files from Websites into Local Drive

Many users like downloading video files and position pictures from websites into local hard disk to get fast playing and viewing. You can then keep your files even if they are removed from the web. If you are doing similar things, you no longer need to manually create links to the files that you saved.

You can open the "Options and System Information" form from the [Tools] menu. At the right top of the form you will see an area for entering a template for each file type as follows. Once you correctly enter corresponding templates into the boxes in the figure below (you can leave some of them blank), RaceMate's default links or buttons will point to these local files rather than the one on websites.

Template Element



4-digit year


2-digit year (07 for 2007)


2-digit month (03 for March)


Month (3 for March)


2-digit day (03 for the 3rd day of a month)


day (3 for the 3rd day of a month)


2-digit race number (02 for the 2nd race)


Race number (2 for the 2nd race)


20080073 for season 2008-2009 race 73


080073 for season 2008-2009 race 73


20080301 for 1 March 2008


080301 for 1 March 2008


Expressions Or Non-Expressions

The screen capture above shows 2 real hard disk paths. Besides real paths you can put a "=" at the start position of the text box to turn the string into an expression. The double quote (") in the example below is needed because there is a space in the folder name "my video".

='"c:\my videos\'+Left(<SeasonRace>,4)+'-'+Right(<SeasonRace>,3)+'.wmv"'


If you view race 331 of season 2008-2009, the above expression will be evaluated as follows.

='"c:\my videos\'+Left("20080331",4)+'-'+Right("20080331",3)+'.wmv"'


Finally we will get "c:\my videos\2008-331.wmv"





Click On

File Opened

Race Replay


Race Replay link or button of race 7 on 29/4/2007 (season 06-07)








='"c:\my videos\'+Left(<SeasonRace>,4)+'-'+Right(<SeasonRace>,3)+'.wmv"'

"c:\my videos\2008-559.wmv"

Position Photo


Positions Photo link of race 7 on 29/4/2007


".wmv" and ".ivr" are the extension of Windows Media Player's and RealPlayer's files respectively. If you don't have RealPlayer installed you will not be able to play the .ivr files. By default Windows Media Player is installed in every Windows.


How can I save a web video as a local file?

There are many tools which help you do the job. For example the latest version of RealPlayer and FlashGet. Both of them are free of charge. Please read their manuals for detailed operations.



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