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HrActivity( ), JrActivity( ), SrActivity( )

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Activities, including training and starts, of a horse in past N days. User comments for the activities will be displayed as well.



Syntax 1





Syntax 2









(Syntax 1)

Number of days, e.g., 60.

If nDays is missing (or equals 0), the activities since last start will be returned.


(Syntax 2)

Specifies a period from day X to day Y, counting back from the underlying race. For example '8-14' mean from day 8 to day 14 back from the underlying race.


A character string with list of activity types inside separated by ','.

Possible types:


RA   -     Race

BT   -     Barrier Trial

SW  -     Swim

JI    -     Inner AW/Eq Jog

JO   -     Outer AW/Eq Jog

JA   -     Aroe Jog

JT   -     Turf Jog


GL   -     Any type of galloping

GG   -     Turf track galloping

AG   -     All weather track galloping

RG   -     River side galloping


Character which stands for no activity. Default to '-'. Pass .Null. into this argument to skip the lines without activities.


Characters for specifying date format and suppressing user comments

N      shows the day number from underlying start

D      shows full date

S (or missing)  dd/mm, e.g., 3rd of November will be shown as 03/11

U      suppress user comments for the activity


Activity separator which is default to carriage return (Chr(13)). If you want to display all activities separated by a semicolon in the same line, you may pass '; ' into this argument.


nBackRaces specifies activities before which start will be shown. For example, if nBackRaces=1 and nDays=30, the activities within 30 days before the last start (not current start) will be shown. nBackBaces is default to 0, i.e., the current start.


See 'MCL Condition' under 'Arguments of MCL functions' section


See 'The DefaultVal Argument' under 'Arguments of MCL functions' section


See 'The cIncluding Argument' under 'Arguments of MCL functions' section



Character (variable length)

In views, normally, Multiline-Text type will be used for the column.



Under normal circumstances, you may need to push the [Recalc] button to refresh the data of the column (see Cache for View Data for details).
By default, user comments are displayed at the right hand side of the activity descriptions. You may pass the flag "U" into the 4th argument (cFlag) to suppress the user comments.



Track work activities since last start:

HrActivity( )


Show jogging and swims since last start:

HrActivity( ,'JI,JO,JA,JT,SW')


Show galloping and barrier trials only in last 30 days. Use ' | ' (space, vertical bar, space) as separator between trials instead of putting the trials in separate lines.

HrActivity(30,'GL,BT',,,' | ')


Number of barrier trials during the week before last week:



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