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System Requirements

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RaceMate runs on an IBM PC-compatible computer. The minimum system requirements of RaceMate are as follows:


Hardware Requirements

IBM PC-compatible CPU
32 MB RAM (128MB RAM recommended)
Internet Connect or Modem (for updating your RaceMate data)
At least 250Mb free hard disk space (for future data growth and working space for user-define views, 350Mb are recommended)


Operating System

RaceMate runs on any of the following operating systems:

Windows 98
Windows Me
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7 or above

Note: RaceMate does not run on Windows 3.x and Windows NT


Windows Security Rights

RaceMate may update its program files while normal data update. Therefore it must be installed into a folder with "modify" right. The folder "Program Files" of Windows Vista or above have been made read-only. Therefore please don't install RaceMate into this folder. "C:\RaceMate" is the default installation folder for RaceMate.
RaceMate will write a couple of static files into the folders c:\Windows and c:\Program Files\Common Files.


Displaying Chinese Characters

If you want to display Chinese data of RaceMate, you are required to have one of the following systems:

Chinese Windows (Traditional Chinese or Simplified Chinese)
English Windows with RichWin or other Chinese enabling tools.


Inputting Chinese Characters

You may use any input method, including pen input and voice recognition, supported by your Windows to input Chinese characters.



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