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Main Features

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RaceMate is a powerful race data analysis tool. Its huge database provides you with all necessary data for your betting analysis. Its versatile features help you effectively find out investment hints and improve chances of winning. You will be much impressed by the lightning speed of RaceMate because its data is driven by the World's fastest desktop database engine Microsoft Visual FoxPro. Since its database resides in your local hard disk, there is no need to dedicate an Internet connection while you are using the software. You may install RaceMate in a notebook and use it anytime and anywhere.


Here are the some of the main features of RaceMate:


Huge Database

Data are always up-to-date. (Simply carry out a 1-minute data download to keep your database up-to-update.)
Comprehensive data since 1987, including races, track work, barrier trials, swimming, entries, forms, results, trainers, jockeys, records of horses, pedigree information (includes 3-generation bloodline charts and listing of horses of the same dam, sire or sire of dam), and much more.
Past records of horses, jockeys and trainers can dynamically be displayed in forms, starter views, and race results. You may choose the number of history lines, or even display only the records satisfying a set of criteria that you specified.
Multiple track work views for effectively identifying training patterns.
Talented data sorting and grouping by 1 or 2 mouse clicks.


Multimedia Resources

Automatic hyper-linking to multimedia resources of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, including photos of running, videos of track work, race replay and pre-race studies.
Multimedia resources are integrated in records of races, horses, jockeys, and stables. The resource are always ready for accessing without searching.
Integrating your personal multimedia resources with race and horse records.


Excel-Like Spreadsheet Features

RaceMate provides Excel-Like spreadsheet features. You may set formulae to do powerful calculation among columns.
There are hundreds of functions for calculations and statistics.
On the spreadsheet you may retrieve past and future records or do statistics of horses, jockeys and stables.
You may import data from external files into your spreadsheet.


Computer Rating and Data Analysis Models

RaceMate's Flemming Model and Young's Betting Index provide you with accurate computer rating about starters.
You are encouraged to build your own analysis models by using RaceMate's Model Construction Language (MCL).
Validating your model by fitting it with real past records. Improving your models based on validation results.


Powerful Statistics

You are free to set your own statistical criteria, which are limited only by your imagination and availability of data.
Criteria setting interface is kept simple evening for complicated statistics requirements.
RaceMate's Model Construction Language can readily be used in statistics. Professional statistics that are typically done by computer programmers can now be carried out by laypersons.
You may create data conversion tables for converting text data to numbers. Conversion tables are designed for statistics and analysis models.
Open related forms by mouse-clicking on statistics results.
Your personal notes and ratings can be part of statistical criteria.


Flexible Data Searching

Data Searching functions use the same engine of RaceMate's statistics system, and inherit all the capability and flexibility of the features of the statistics system. Data search can be carried out in almost any data fields.
You may put the results of a search in a list and open the races by a mouse click.
Incremental search can be carried out in all data tables.
Provides different Chinese character indexing systems, e.g., Cantonese phonetic index. Chinese name searching is made simple.


Electronic Personal Notes and Rating System

Add your notes and ratings directly in records of horses, jockeys, stables, races, track work.
Notes can dynamically be displayed with past records of horses in forms, starter views, and race results.
No limit on sizes of the notes.
Personal notes can be search and are fully integrated with the statistics and data searching system of RaceMate.


Custom Screen layouts and User-Defined Reports

You may the layouts of starters views by adding new data columns or deleting existing columns.
Statistical figures can be inserted into user-defined columns.
You may insert unlimited columns of personal notes and rating into a starters view.
Using RaceMate's User Report Designer, you may design your our reports for printing data of races.


Remarks: Track work data of RaceMate Hong Kong Editions starts from 1992. Track work data for other editions may be simpler and start later.



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