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Statistics and Data Analysis

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Statistics features of RaceMate are integrated with many forms. For example,

Statistics pages are found into the Horse, Stable, and Jockey forms
Statistical columns are put into starter views


You can also insert your own statistical columns into views.

Beside such integrated statistics features, RaceMate provide with users the following professional tools for carrying out professional statistics:


1. The Quick Statistics Form

The Quick Statistics Form is a dropdown menu based interface for carrying out general statistics. Everybody, including the laypeople, will find it easy to use. Further more, it takes advantage of the famous Rushmore technology of Microsoft Visual FoxPro and provides us with an extremely fast calculation speed. However, its criteria setting capability is limited by the simple user interface. If you find that your criteria are difficult to be put into the form, you may turn to the much more powerful tool: Race Query and Comprehensive Statistics Form.


2. Race Query and Comprehensive Statistics Form

The "Race Query and Comprehensive Statistics Form" can do all the statistics the Quick Statistics Form does and much more. However the calculation speed of it is lower than the Quick Statistics Form. Besides statistics, it is an excellent tool for listing a set of races which satisfies the criteria that you specified. If you find that even the "Race Query and Comprehensive Statistics Form" is not able to do what you want, you may turn to another professional tool: Starter View Model Statistics.


3. Advanced Statistics via View Models

"View Model Statistics" is the most powerful statistics tool of RaceMate. We can formulate statistics criteria into MCL functions and construct a view model. The statistics function of the view model will solve most statistics problem. MCL provides the model with tremendous extensibility which is limited only by your imagination.



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Type 1: Comprehensive Statistics & Record Query
Type 2: Statistics via Starter Views (Race Data Form)
Type 3: Simplified Statistics Form



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