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Statistical Items - the [Stat] Column

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The "Stat" column in the "Definition of Statistical Views" form defines how data are grouped for statistics and what types of statistics on what columns are going to be carried out. The following table shows the available options.


Option in Stat Column



Identical values will be regarded as a group. If no group is defined in a view, all records will be regarded as a single group.


Average in group (NULL values will not be counted)


Standard deviation in group (NULL values will not be counted)


Variance in group (NULL values will not be counted)


Sum in group


Record count in group (NULL values will not be counted)


Maximum in group


Minimum in group


An arbitrary value in group


The formula in this column will be evaluated after all statistics are done and before the results are shown. Usually this type of columns is for converting non-intuitive statistical results into readable or presentable values.


Below is a screen capture of the structure of the "* Average Time Statistics" built-in view.


All races with the same season, distance, course, track and race class will be put into the same group. The average time value of each group is calculated and put into the [Std Time] column of the result table as shown below.



Please note the difference among of columns 15, 16 and 17:

Column 15 returns time values in a string format similar to "0.57.4". Unlike numbers, character strings can't be used for calculating averages. Therefore this column is only for displaying time values in the Runs mode and will not participate in any statistics. Even if this column is removed, the statistical results will not be affected.
Column 16 returns time values in numbers of seconds, which will be used for the "average" calculation. However most users are not used to the "seconds" format of time. This column is marked "Hide" and will neither be shown in Runs mode nor Statistics mode.
Column 17 will be evaluated after all statistics are done and before results are shown. This column converts time values from the "seconds" format to a readable "string" format by using the SToT( ) function and will be used for displaying the statistical result.


Heading of a Statistical Column

1.By default the heading of a statistical column (not including Grp and After) in Statistics mode will be identical to the heading of the column in Runs mode except that a "type label" prefix will be added. For example, if we clear the [Hide] checkbox of column 16 to make it show in the statistical result table, its column heading will be "avg:Time" as shown below.


2.As stated in the above point, the label "any:" will normally appear in the heading of columns of "Any" type. However, you can suppress it by clearing the [Don't Prefix Stat Columns of Type 'ANY'] checkbox in the "View Details" form (shown by clicking on the [View Details] button on the "Definition of Statistical Views" form.
3.If you don't like the default heading of a statistical column of the statistical results, you can assign a specific heading to it by putting this heading after the normal heading and separate them by a "|" character. The space, if any, surrounding the "|" character will not be shown. For the column as shown in the figure below, the column heading will be "Time" in the Runs mode while "ATime" in the Statistics mode.





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