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Viewing Past Records and Move Columns in Stat View Page

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Show Records of Horse, Jockey and Stable

To view past records of Horse, Jockey and Stable, please follow the steps below. The step numbers are circled in red on the screen captures.


1.Open the data form and switch to the [Stat View] page.

At the right bottom of the page, you will find a view list.


2.Click on the [o Basic Columns] view name.

If you have changed from another view to the [o Basic Columns] view, you may see that the data area is shaded by grey lines. (If there was no view change, grey lines will not show.)


3.Click on the [Load Data] button.

Data will be loaded and the grey shading, if any, in the data area will disappear.




Rearranging Column Positions

After loading the data, you may want to move the columns that you frequently use to the leftmost of the data grid. Let us try moving the "FP" column up so that it just follows the "Horse" column.


4.Click on the [Edit View Structure] button on the Horse form

The "Definition of Statistical Views" form will be opened showing the structure of the [o Basic Columns] view.


5.Click to highlight the "FP" column


6.Click on the [Up] key 3 times at the right bottom of the grid

The "FP" column will be move up to the location just below the "Horse" column.



7.Click on the [Save] button


Close the "Definition of Statistical Views" form. Go back to the Horse form to see the change. Please make sure the [o Basic Columns] view is selected.


Moving Other Columns

In order to move other columns, click again on [Edit View Structure] button of the Horse form to open the "Definition of Statistical Views" form. You may move more than one column into new positions before saving your change.



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