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GetColumn( )

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This function imports column values of another view of the current race into the current column of the current view. The column to be imported can be either a calculated or an input column. The system will import the column values from RaceMate's view data cache. Please note the following points about using the function:

1.The target race view, from which the data to be imported, must be opened at least once (to load the data into the view cache) before the current view, running the GetColumn( ) function, is opened. Otherwise the GetColumn( ) function will return .NULL. (Doing statistics and model evaluations will also populate data into the view cache.)
2.If you choose "Clean Up Calculation Results in Cache" from the main menu, all calculated column data in the view cache will be lost. All the GetColumn( ) functions that import values from calculated columns will return .NULL. You have to repopulate the view cache in order to supply necessary data for the function. However, data of input columns will not be clear by the "Clean Up Calculation Results in Cache" menu option, therefore getting values from input columns will not be affected.






cColumnID is the Column ID of the column of the target view. You can see the Column ID of a column on the Edit View form (see figure below).



Value returned by the function will be of the same type and width of the target column.





Retrieve the values of the Yeung's Index column (Column ID='VWC10017.C6') of the Young's Index view into the current column of the current view.


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