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CurRun( )

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This function returns the result of an MCL expression at the viewing start of the horse. To some extend, this function is similar to the AtStart( ) function with a default starter ID of the underlying race, i.e., the view that you are viewing. It is important to note the following limitations:

1.CurRun( ) function will return .NULL. in model evaluation since “viewing race” will be undefined when you evaluate a model (clicking the [Eval] button in the Race Meeting form).
2.Since viewing race changes whenever you jump to a new race, cached old values returned by CurRun( ) will be out-of-date all the time. You are recommended to set the column type to "No Caching", otherwise you will need to push the [Recalc] button to update the values whenever a new race is displayed.






The data type of the return value is identical to that returned by eMCLExpr.



Create a column "WeightDifference" as follows:

HrWeight( )-AtViewingRace('HrWeight( )')


The column returns different between the weight in each past start and the weight in the current start of each horse.



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