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HrData( ), JrData( ), SrData( )

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The functions return the value of an MCL expression, which is passed into the function through the first argument.








The same data type as MCL expression passed into the first argument.



HrData('HrWeight( )/HrBodyweight( )',1)

This function calculates the Loading-Bodyweight ratio of a horse in last race. Although the function can be rewritten as HrWeight(1)/HrBodyweight(1) and identical results will be returned, however, the speed of latter expression will be lower than the example. It is because in the latter expression HrWeight( ) and HrBodyweight( ) will each walk though the past records once to retrieve corresponding information respectively while the HrData( ) function of the example walks through the past record only once. When the condition ( fCondition ) getting a target race is complicated, the speed improvement of the HrData( ) function will be obvious.



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