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Season( )

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Returns the season number of a particular date. If no date is specified, the season number of today will be returned. If you use this function with no argument, the return value will be cached and will not be changed even if the race season changes. You should let all columns affected by the return value automatically be recalculated every time you display the view. Please do the following.

In a starter view: Click [Modify] to open the "Edit View" form. Select the related column and click [Advanced] to show the Edit View Advanced Settings form. Then check [No Caching].
In a history/stat view: On the Definition of Statistical Views. Click on [View Details]. Then check [Recalc On Open].








Season( )

Returns today's season number. If today is 13 May 2011, it will return 2010 (for season 2010-2011).



Returns the season number as at date 1 Oct 2011. The return value will be 2011.



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