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Cache for View Data

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Data Caching

It takes time for an MCL function to search and retrieve data from the database of RaceMate. Some statistics functions may need intensive calculations to return results. In order to speed up data display, RaceMate will put the data retrieved by functions into a cache folder. Next time when we open the same page, RaceMate will get the data directly from the cache without repeating the search and calculation processes. Although this dramatically speeds up data viewing, under some special circumstances, you may encounter data synchronization problems, for examples:

1.You have already retrieved data into a view (cached). However the data are updated afterwards. You will not be able to see the up-to-date data in your view.
2.You use your a conversion table in your calculation. You change the data in your conversion table after data are loaded into the cache. The new change will not be shown.

You may solve such data synchronization problem in the following ways.


Manual Data Reload

Click on the [Recalc] button at the right hand side of your Starter Views page to reload data of the view of the current race.


Set "No Caching" Attribute

You may set the "No Caching" attribute of column (advanced setting). RaceMate will not cache the data of a No Caching column and the column will be recalculated every time you open the race. However, never set every column as "No Caching" because it will affect the speed of the view.


Clearing the Cache

Please see Clearing_Cache_Folder



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