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Basic Steps

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1.Open the Race Data form
2.On the Starters View page, click on the [New] button to create a new view
3.Input "Draw Statistics" into the View Name box


4.Delete the default column 'Horse'. Add a new built-in column 'Draw' into the view and set it as [Stat Group].


5.Add another new built-in column "Finishing Position" and set it as [Stat Column]

6.Click on the [Save+Exit] button to save and exit the Edit View form. You will see a view page similar to the following screen.
7.Click on the [Stat] button.

8.You will see the following Statistical View Calculation form
9.Set the period to "from the 1st race of season 2005-2006 to the last race (9999) of the season 2005-2006".
10.Enter the following expression into the Criteria Filter box:

 HrDistance( )<=1600

11.Make sure [Exclude Zeros] is checked

12.Click on the [Calculate] button. You will then see the statistical result shown in the lower part of the form. The result shows that the average finishing position of all draw positions is 7.0225. Position 1 is best draw position, the average finishing position of which is 6.6514.



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