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Statistical View and Record Filtering Results

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You can show the results of your view criteria definition in a Statistical View page. This page can be found in the following forms:

Comprehensive Statistics & Records Views Form
Horse Data Form
Jockey Data Form
Stable Data Form


Display Modes of a View

Results can be shown in 2 different view modes: Runs (upper form in the figure below) and Statistics (lower form of the figure below). When the view is open, RaceMate firstly retrieves all records which satisfy the requirements define in the view structure table. Each row in the view structure table matches a field of the records. The Runs mode simply shows this set of retrieved records. When Statistics mode is chosen, RaceMate uses this set of records to carry out grouping and other statistics actions according to the setting of the "Stat" column of the view structure table. The final grouping and statistics are then shown in the "Statistics" mode.


Result Sorting

You can specify how the result is sorted. Put "1" into the [Order] column to sort the result by the underlying item. When there are identical item values, RaceMate will sort the these items by the item with "2" in the [Order] column, and so on.
Change the [Order] value to negative to indicate a descending sort.

In the example in the figure below, RaceMate will firstly sort the result in Horse order. In record group for the same horse, records will be sorted by "Final Odds" in descending order.





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