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Quoted MCL Expression Arguments

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An MCL expression is an expression composed of one or more MCL functions. Most statistical MCL functions accept Quoted MCL Expression arguments. Usually single quotes are used. However, the single quotes may be replaced with double quotes (" ") or square brackets ([ ]) provided that the quotes do not already exists inside the MCL expression.

The first argument of the following HrSum( ) function is an example:

HrSum('HrWinTickets( )',3)


The above function retrieves the sum of Win Investments on the horse in the past 3 runnings. The MCL expression HrWinTicks( ) is quoted and passed into the function. The function can be rewritten as:

HrSum("HrWinTickets( )",3)


HrSum([HrWinTickets( )],3)


Below is another example that summing up both Win Investments and Place Investments of the horse in last 3 runnings. In the following example, the MCL expression contains two MCL functions:

HrSum('HrWinTickets( )+HrPlaceTickets( )',3)



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