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InList( )

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This is a Visual FoxPro function. It determines whether an expression matches another expression in a set of expressions. Here match mean a Visual FoxPro "=" comparison. That means left hand side string can be longer than the right hand side string. See Compare( ) for the rule for matching.



InList(eExpression1, eExpression2 , eExpression3 ...)



InList(x, 3, 7, 9)

The above function will return .T. is x equals 9.


InList(x, 'Apples', 'Oranges')

The above function will return .T. if x equals 'Apples and Bananas' or 'Apples'. It will return .F. if x equals 'Apple' or 'APPLES'.


See Also

Compare( ), Match( )


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