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HrSumBy( ), JrSumBy( ), SrSumBy( )

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The functions sum a value over past records, which satisfy a specific condition, of the horse, jockey and stable respectively. The results will be broken down by the value of an expression and returned as a character string.







Enhanced Syntax

By using the enhanced syntax you may:

1.carry out multiple statistics in a single pass of past record scanning
2.customize the format of return string
3.define the order of breakdown groups
4.define a summary session in the return string


The enhanced syntax of these functions is similar to that for HrCountBy( ), JrCountBy( ), SrCountBy( ). Please see its help page for details.






Datum the sum of which is to be found.
Data type of expression: Numeric

'HrDvdWin( )'


An expression by which results will be broken down. Omitting this argument tells the function do the statistics over all legitimate records.

'HrDistance( )'


Number of latest races, counting back from the underlying race, to be averaged. The races must be meeting the condition specified by 'fCondition'.
If nRaces is omitted, all races meeting 'fCondition' will be included.
If total number of races meeting 'fCondition' is smaller than nRaces, the function will perform calculations on only the available races. You may use the HrCount( ) function to check how many races have been counted.



If argument 'fCondition' is passed, the races (nRaces) will only be selected from those meeting 'fCondition'. The 'fCondition' argument is composed of a For clause and a While clause.
A For clause causes the function to act on each record that meets the specified logical condition.
A While clause causes the function to stop action once the logical expression evaluates to false.
Both For and While clauses are optional.

'For HrFP( )=1 While

HrDate( )>Date(1999,9,1)'


Default value returned when no race satisfying the specified condition can be found. The data type of this value must be identical to that of normal return value.


When applying the function to past records, by default, races in the underlying meeting are not included. You may use this argument to change the scope. See the following page for details: The cIncluding Argument.



Character (The length of the returned character string depends on the breakdown expression. It is recommended to set the column data type to Multiline Text, so that the number of characters returned can be of any length.)



HrSumBy('HrWinTickets( )','HrDistance( )')

The above function sums the win tickets of a horse in all races. The result will then be broken down by distance.


HrSumBy('HrWinTickets( )','HrDistance( )',, 'HrFp( )=1')

The above function sums the win tickets of a horse in all winning races. The result will then be broken down by distance.


See also

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