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Freezing a Form

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You may hyper-reference the data of a horse by double-clicking on a horse in a form. RaceMate will than activate a Horse form to display the record of the Horse. However, in order to conserve resources, RaceMate will try to try to minimize the number of active forms. If a Horse form has already been opened before your double-clicking, RaceMate will use that form to display the record rather than to open a new instance of the form.

Sometimes you may want to keep a particular record of a horse on the screen without being replaced by subsequent hyper-referencing. The solution is to freeze the form by:

1.choosing [Freeze Form] from the [Record] menu, or
2.clicking on the [Freeze] button of the RaceMate toolbar


Such form freezing feature applies to all other data forms of RaceMate.



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