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Editing Data

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Edit Mode

Some fields on RaceMate's forms are editable (e.g., the Note field of the Horse Form). However, by default, all the editable fields are locked to avoid accidental change in contents. You must first click on the [Edit] button of the toolbar (or press Ctrl+E) before editing the fields. After the [Edit] button is clicked, the editable fields on a form will change to light-green in color showing that the form is in Edit Mode. After editing is complete, you must click on the [Save] button to save the change.


Enabling Direct Edit

You may enable RaceMate's Direct Edit feature by selecting the [Direct Edit] option on the Options and System Information Form (in Tools menu). When Direct Edit mode is enabled, you can change data in editable fields directly without first clicking on the [Edit] button of the toolbar. When you press a key of the keyboard in an editable textbox, the form will automatically go into the Edit Mode. Textboxes will become light-green in color. You need to click on the [Save] button to save the change after editing is complete.

Please note that once you turn on the Direct Edit feature of RaceMate, you can no longer carry out incremental search in editable columns.



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