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CurRunHorses( )

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The function returns a comma separated list of starter name of the current run (viewing race). When you show past records of a horse in a view, the function will filter from the past races the horses which participate in the current race. The example view in the figure below shows data of race 195 of season 03-04. The CurRunHorse( ) function in the 4th column shows that Everest had met Elite Win 03-177.



Please note the following limitation of the functions:

1.CurRunHorse( ) function will return .NULL. in statistics and model evaluation since “viewing race” will be undefined when you evaluate a model (clicking the “Stat” button in the Race Meeting form).
2.Since viewing race changes whenever you jump to a new race, cached old values returned by CurRunHorse( ) in history lines will be out-of-date all the time. You are recommended to set the column type to "No Caching", otherwise you will need to push the “Recalc” button to update the values whenever a new race is displayed.







Optional. Can be an MCL function or any other expression, which is to replace the horse name and be shown on the races which the horse(s) meets the underlying horse.


Optional. Default to ", "



Character (Number of character returned will vary. You are recommended to set column data type to "Multiline Text")



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