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Example: Creating a Starter View

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An experimental view about the bodyweight of horses will be created below. Since this is a sample view to demonstrate the basic steps of creating view columns, the formulae are deliberately made simple. If your want to get comprehensive statistics about bodyweight, you will need to create put more columns into the view.


Creating a View to Retrieve Bodyweight Information

1.On the Starter Views page of the Race Data Form, click on the [New] button at the right hand side of the page.


2.You will see an Edit View form. Input "Bodyweight" into the View Name textbox. You will see a Built-In Column "Horse Name" (heading: Horse) is automatically inserted as the first column of the view.


Add a New Built-In Column

3.Click on the [Append] button to append a new column


4.Please leave the Heading box blank and choose Built-In Item "Body Weight from the Built-In Item dropdown list.



If the Heading textbox is blank and an item is choose from the Built-In Item dropdown list, the Heading textbox will automatically be filled by RaceMate.
The MCL function corresponding to the Built-In Item will be shown in the User-Defined Item editbox. If you change the column to a User-Defined Item and use the MCL function for the column, the same result will be shown in the view.


Create a User-Defined Item

5.Click on the [Append] button again to append a new column. Set the column a User-Define Item with the column name "Max Body Wt".
6.Set Data Type to "Numeric" and Chars/Digits to 4. (The setting will very often be written as Numeric(4) or Numeric(4,0), where "0" means 0 decimal place.
7.Input the following MCL function into the User-Defined Item editbox:

HrMaximum('HrBodyWeight( )')



Another User-Defined Item

8.Click on [Append] again to add a new column. Chose User-Defined Item and name the Heading "Body Wt Diff".
9.Input the following MCL function into the User-Defined Item edit box:

Column('Max Body Wt') - Column('Body Wt')


Create a User-Input Column

10.Click on [Append] to add a new column. Choose "User-Defined Item" and "Character" type.
11.Set number of Chars/Digits to 180 and choose "Auto-Resize" (column width will be changed when you resize the form).


View Results and Input Remarks

12.Click on "Save+Exit" to save the view and show the view data
13.Click on the [Edit] button of the toolbar to put the form into the "Edit Mode". You will see the color of the Remark column turns green. The color shows that the column is in edit mode and is ready for inputting text.
14.After text input is finished, click on the [Save] button on the toolbar to save the change



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