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Advanced Settings of View Columns

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1.Mapped to

You can display data of a column of another view in the current column by entering the column ID of the target column into this box. Except for special cases, normally we will make the settings (data type, chars/digit, etc.) same as the target column. Otherwise data of the target column may not be properly displayed.


No change made to the mapped column is allowed

3.Form to Open

Form to be open when the column is double-clicked

4.Open Record

Specify the record to be open after a form is opened by double-clicking. For example, you can specify here record of which horse will be shown when the Horse form is opened.

5.Cursor at

Specify the line to be highlighted when a form is opened by double-clicking


When checked, the column will automatically be resized with the form. However, resizing takes place only when the total width of all columns is less than the width of the grid. The Auto-Resize columns will expand to fill the blank space of a grid. Contrarily, when the form is shrunk by the user, the width of the column will be reduced automatically. You may mark the minimum width of the column in one of the following options:

Default column width – column will always be wider than the width you defined
Header text width – column can be shrink not thinner than the width of the column caption
= - column width equals to the pixel number in the spinner


7.No Caching

RaceMate will save a copy of racing data and calculation results of a view into a cache, so that when the view of the same race is opened next time, calculations of MCL functions will no longer be needed. When this box is checked, RaceMate will always recalculate the MCL function of this column instead of retrieving the value from cache.

8.Always Hidden

Check this box to hide a column used for interim calculations making the screen cleaner and tidier.

9.Hidden If No History

The upper part of the Race Data Form shows some race specific data, e.g., Distance, Course, etc. There is no need to repeatedly show such data in each horse row of a view. However, when past records of the horse are displayed, you may want to see such data since such data of the past records are different from that of the current race. Selecting this option will make a column visible only when past record lines are shown.

10.Blank if Zero

When the value is zero, display nothing rather than 0.


Specify how text (or numbers) is aligned in the column.



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