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About Upgrading Windows

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Upgrading to Windows XP or Earlier Versions

New Windows on Another Computer

If you are upgrading your Windows from Windows 98 to Windows XP, please follow the steps in the section Moving or Uninstalling RaceMate.

In-Place Upgrade

If you are going to upgrade an old version Windows to Windows XP (or earlier) in your existing computer, no special steps about RaceMate are needed. You may simply carry out the normal procedure for upgrading Windows.


Upgrading to Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Above

No matter you are doing an in-place upgrade or moving RaceMate into a new Vista or Windows 7 (or above) computer, you need to follow the steps for moving RaceMate in the section Moving or Uninstalling RaceMate.

If you are doing an in-place upgrade, the setup program will use your existing RaceMate folder as destination. If your existing RaceMate is in C:\Program Files\RaceMate, don't forget to change the destination to C:\RaceMate.




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