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Types of History and Statistics Views

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History and Statistics View Page of the Horse, Jockey and Stable Forms

The following operations can be done on the [History/Stat] page of the Horse, Jockey and Stable Forms

1.Modify your own view. You may
add columns that you are interested in into a view
delete columns that you do not want
add any number of user notes columns
2.Set criteria to filter and query the records that you want
3.Carry out statistics
Apply statistics to selected columns
Do unlimited level of breakdown and grouping
Toggle between [Statistics] mode and [Runs] mode whenever necessary.
4.Export your results into Microsoft Excel
You can export your statistics results into a Microsoft Excel


Views on the Comprehensive Statistics and Record Query Form

The views on the "Comprehensive Statistics and Record Query Form" is basically identical to those on the [History/Stat] page of the Horse, Jockey and Stable forms. The only difference is the views on the [History/Stat] page will retrieve only records relevant to the form while the Comprehensive one will retrieve all past records of the period that you define.


Detailed Operations

Since the elements and operations of the above 2 types of views are identical, please see the content of the page Comprehensive_Statistics_and_Record_Query



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