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RaceMate Freezed When Starter View Being Opened

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While you are editing a starter view, if you have input a function or any strange things which have a conflict with the system, you may no longer be able to open this starter view. When you try to open the view, RaceMate freezes up. Since you are not able to open the view, you will not be able to modify and correct what you input. Although such problem is extremely rare, in case you encounter such a problem, you may follow the steps below to fix it:


Suppress Calculation When a View is Opened

If you can open the Race Data form, but RaceMate freezes up when you try to switch to a view, you can simply hold down both the [Ctrl] and [Shift] key before you select the target view. Keep the keys down until the target view is successfully opened.
If you can't open the Race Data form at all, you may hold down both the [Ctrl] and [Shift] key before you try to open the Race Data form. Keep the keys down until the Race Data form is successfully opened.


RaceMate will not do any data retrieval or calculation for a view opened in the above ways. You will see a blank view without any horse data. After the view is successfully opened, you may then modify the formulae of the view to fix the problem.



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