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Questions You May Asked After Upgrading to 9.0

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1.Where is the "History" page on the Horse, Jockey, and Stable data forms?

The "History" page on the forms has been replaced by a new "Stat Views" page. If you double-click on the [*Basic Columns] view on the view list of the page, you will see a view similar to the History page of RaceMate 8.0.


2.Can I modify the [*Basic Columns] view, such as moving columns, to satisfy my need?

You can modify the [*Basic Columns] view. However RaceMate will reset all system built-in views, including [*Basic Columns], when it restarts and you change will be lost. In order to keep your change, you may save the [*Basic Columns] view as a new view. On this new view, you may then add or remove columns. Your changes will be kept forever.


3.After I save the [*Basic Columns] view as a new view, the original [*Basic Columns] view will no longer be needed. Is it possible to delete it?

A built-in view can't be deleted. However you may hide it by pushing the [View Details] button on the "Definition of Statistical Views" form and unchecking corresponding checkboxes at the bottom.


4.On a new Stat View I am not able to drag a column left or right to a new position. Why?

On a Stat View columns are not allowed to be dragged to another position directly. You need to click on the [Edit View Structure] button to open the "Definition of Statistical Views" form and click on the [Up] and [Down] buttons at the right bottom to change the position of a column.


5.On a Stat View, I select "1 Year" as data range. However I find that there are races is earlier than 1 year ago retrieved. Why?

Year (and other range type) is counted from the latest race rather than today. Therefore if the latest race took place long ago, the earliest race retrieved could be far beyond 1 year ago.



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