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Flemming Page (Race Data Form)

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Flemming Betting Index is a computer rating system based on the Flemming Statistics model. Comprehensive factors, which affect the racing result, are taken into account. You may adjust the weight of such factor based you your own judgment.

Flemming's betting theory regards odds of a decisive figure. Different odds of a horse yield different indexes. In the example race shown below, the Flemming Indexes of Premier Burg were 0.94 and 0.91 in the odd ranges 5-10.9 and 11-19.9 respectively. The actual final odds figure of the horse was 7.6, which fell into the range 5-10.9. Therefore the corresponding index for the horse was 0.94. Other index figures are in grey color showing that they are irrelevant.



Odds Column

Before the races starts, the odds column of the table is blank. You may enter trial figures into the column for analysis. When you enter odds into this column, appropriate betting indexes will be highlighted accordingly. When you update your RaceMate database after a race, the odds in this column will be replaced by the official final odds.


Sort by Index

Order horse rows by descending order of the betting indexes.


No. of Top Indexes to Highlight

Number of highest betting indexes to be highlighted.



Recalculate the indexes after changing weights of the factors.


Reset to Default

Reset weights of factors to their default values.



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