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Firewall Blocking

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In order to carry out user registration and data update, RaceMate needs to communicate with Welkin's data servers. Your computer may have a firewall installed. If you see a dialogue box similar to the following, please choose [Unblock] to allow RaceMate communicating with its data server. Please note the following points:

1.The exact message or dialogue you see is dependent on the brand and type of your firewall software. It may be completely different from the following figure. If you don't find the [Unblock] button on the dialogue, please look for other command buttons, option buttons, or checkbox with a caption of similar meaning.
2.Depend on the setting of your firewall, sometimes RaceMate may be block without any message or warning shown on the screen. If you find any problem in user registration or data update, please open the list of blocked software of your firewall and remove RaceMate from the list. Consult your firewall document about how to unblock software.
3.If you don't have a firewall installed or enabled, you will not see similar message.




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