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Find horses of this race met in past starts

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1.Open the Declaration View.
2.Push the "Modify" button to modify the view structure.

3.Highlight the column just below the "Horse" column and push the "Insert" button to add a new column.

4.Name the new column "Horses Met".
5.Set it as "Multiline Text" type
6.Select User-Defined Item and enter the following formula into the formula box.

7.Push the "Save" button to save the structure and exit to the "Declaration" view.
8.Expand the history line of the view to six. You will see a view similar to the following. In the following example, you can see that Black Knight met Dandy Bunny in race 03-022 and Everest met Elite Win in race 03-177


9.If you want to get more information about the race on 10/09/2003 that Black Knight met Dandy Bunny, you may double-click on the date to open the race.
10.After the race is open, change to "Position" view to see detailed running positions and time.




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