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Defining Double-Click Actions

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Type 1: Starter Views


You may follow the steps below to define the response when you double-click on a view column.

1.Click on the [Modify] button on the right-hand side of a Starter View.
2.Select the column you want and click on [Advanced].
3.When the following figure shows, choose a form from the [Open Form] drop down list.
4.Define an ID for the target form and the ID for jumping to a row. Under normal circumstances, See Forms and Record IDs for details about what these IDs are.




Type 2: History and Statistics View


You can follow the steps below to define the target forms for double-click jumping.

1.Click on [Edit View Structure] at the right hand side of the view.
2.Select the column you want to set and click on the [Item Details] button.
3.When the following form shows, choose a target form from the [Form to Open] drop down list.
4.Edit the details about target record and row at the 2 boxes below.




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